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The Western Hognose snake’s ( Heterodon nasicus) unusual appearance has earned this species its descriptive name and makes this snake truly unique in the reptile world. I would describe this snake as almost ‘cute’, just as one would describe many animals with unusual facial features ie ‘pugs’. Its strange up-turned ‘nose’ gives it a pig-like appearance and is thus responsible for the ‘hognose’ part of its name. This ‘nose’, however, is not actually a nose but rather a modified scale that is used to dig up toads in the wild. The Western Hognose’s natural geographic distribution is North America and northern Mexico. The Western Hognose has three slightly different subspecies the Kennerlyi, Glodyi and Nasicus. The Western Hognose has proven to be the best species of hognose to keep in captivity. It has adjusted very well to a diet of only rodents.


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