Skeleton Tarantula

Skeleton Tarantula (Ephebopus murinus)


  • Common name: Skeleton Tarantula
  • Type: Ephebopus murinus
  • Adult Size: 16cm
  • Current Size: Sling

Product Description

Ephebopus murinus or the Skeleton Tarantula as it is more commonly known is an unusual tarantula species. They are not the largest spider I have seen in captivity; that honor still belongs to the Goliath Bird Eater Theraphosa blondi with a leg span the size of a dinner plate. Skeleton Tarantula’s Ephebopus murinus are about 14cm total leg span in mature males while mature females may get 16cm. So what makes this spider so unusual?

For starters its forelegs would identify it as an arboreal species due to them being long and flattened in appearance. This is common for the arboreal species of tarantulas. The Skeleton Tarantula is a fossorial species that burrows. They possess urticating hairs, as do all tarantula species. The weirdness factor comes into play because their urticating hairs are on the front legs known as pedipalps! Most tarantula species have their urticating hairs on the abdomen. The skeleton tarantulas are native to Surinam, Guyana, and Northern Brazil where they are typically found in the lowland forest areas.

The Skeleton tarantula Ephebopus murinus gets its name for obvious reasons when you look at the markings on its legs. It is said that the skeleton tarantula Ephebopus murinus is ‘slightly’ aggressive; they will occasionally rear up when disturbed or will throw their urticating hairs, if pushed to their limit they will bite.

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