Frozen Quail

Product Description

Ultimate Exotics also specialises in supplying frozen quail and quail eggs to pet stores, breeders and directly to the public. All quail are fed the highest quality available feed, ensuring that our quail are of premium quality.

Feeder quail make an excellent addition to a reptiles diet and can be added as a way to encourage otherwise picky eaters to get excited about their feedings. Offering quail is also another way to vary a snakes diet and to help add some further stimulation and nutrition to their normal feeding routine.

Depending on the size of your reptile – whether it’s a snake, monitor lizard or other reptile – you will want to make sure you are choosing the appropriate size of quail. While some snakes are too small to consume quail, there are many varieties of snake that will thrive with this feeder added into their diet.

We also offer fresh quail eggs which are the perfect feeder food for egg eating snakes.

If you are looking at purchasing frozen quail please contact us on Tel: 031 763 4054 or email: reptiles@ultimateexotics.co.za or sales@dennisonpublishing.co.za and we can give you a quote.

Please note depending on where you live delivery of frozen stock may occur extra costs. Please contact us for more information.